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    As they watch the falling stars and admire the beautiful light show, they notice that one is coming down towards them.  When it hits the earth, they don't believe what happens!

    Fabled Films sent me an ARC of this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 5th.

    They meet an aye-aye named Iris who spouts off about danger and how they need to know her secrets.  They're not even sure if she's friendly and maintain their distance.  When they don't respond like she wants them to, she takes off.

    As usual, Bismark is being important.  Dawn is really the brains of the group.  Tobin is just along for the ride.  When they notice mounds of dirt everywhere, they wonder what's going on.  As they attempt to find it, it gets more dangerous along the way.

    The fruit they eat has been poisoned.  The only thing that will offset the poison is a blue flower that only grows in certain locations.  As they try to find the flowers, which are rapidly disappearing as someone steals them, they run into evil lemurs and scorpions that want to hurt them.  It soon becomes apparent that Iris is behind this.

    While Iris has her own plans, Tobin ate a bit of the fruit and he has gas, bad gas.  This is best thing that could have happened.  Tobin is their secret weapon...

    I have to say that at times the main characters remind me of the The Three Stooges, but they manage to save the day despite that.  Here's a fun, way-out adventure for young readers that will make them laugh.

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