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    What if a friend you knew really well wasn't who you thought she was?  It happens quite a bit but most people don't adopt a false name or create their own "past".  Just who was Emmy?

    Simon & Schuster let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 16th.

    Leah had to walk away from her last job as a journalist.  What she printed was true but she could give no witness names.  The article made the man singled out commit suicide.  The paper wants her gone before they have to face a huge lawsuit.  

    Her mother is unhappy with her, her boyfriend was the one who got her in trouble at the paper, and she moves far away to live with a college roommate from the past.  No one will know her in the new small town and no one will know about her shame.  She signs up as a schoolteacher and a different trouble emerges.  The coach starts hitting on her.  He's married but he doesn't care.  She's not interested but he's not listening.  She tries ignoring him.

    Emmy didn't come home as she should have.  After several days, she reports her missing.  That's when she realizes most of what she knew about Emmy was a lie...

    The cops begin to take it more seriously when they find a dead woman in the woods.  The woman looks a bit like Leah.  She's not Emmy.  But why would she be killed near Leah's house?  Was the coach the killer?

    Everyone in this story has baggage and troubles of their own.  Trying to piece the truth together will take its toll on Leah.  It also won't leave her with many of her own secrets.

    What you do realize after reading this story is that trusting someone you don't know well can be a risk.  Do you want to take that risk?

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