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    Evelyn grew up in Scotland on her father's estate.  She's nineteen, has been well protected and she's not had much contact with other men.  Now she's going to the world's fair in Chicago and they will go fishing in Canada.  She hasn't fished with him in a long time so that should be interesting.  What she doesn't know is about her father's other plans...

    Atria sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published April 18th.

    Evelyn and her father have a secret.  Something happened years ago that neither have talked about.  She lost a good friend and she's not sure if her father was all she thought he was.  When they get to the river to go fishing, she sees the friend she lost.  He's grown into a man now.  But he won't talk to her.  Her father keeps her away from him.  He's also kept her away from the truth.  This fishing trip is an opportunity to get at the truth.

    In the meantime, while her father was traveling ahead and she was traveling with another couple, they suddenly meet up with a young man they all know from home.  He starts traveling with them and flirting with Evelyn.  It isn't until later that she sees his true colors.

    This is a tense story with dangers of varying degrees.  The only one who really knows all the facts is her father.  What he's trying to get to is the truth, and that's hard because he needs a confession.

    I enjoyed the history and the plot.  The characters were strong and determined.  I also liked the way it ended.  Sometimes too much money and freedom turns people bad.  Justice won this time.

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