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    Jay-Jay is a double decker bus that was rehabilitated into a children's play room.  There are toys, books, and lots of games and things to do.  It's like bringing a playground in a bus.  Children love it!

    The author sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published now and you can get this and a copy of her first book about Jay-Jay.  This is based on a true story:  There was such a bus.

    Jay-Jay learns he's going to an island to meet the children there.  He's excited about that but he's not sure about riding the ferry there.  He has no time to worry, next thing he knows they are on their way.  Poor Jay-Jay bumps his butt getting on the ferry.  The movement makes his diesel splish splash back and forth and he's not feeling real well.  But as soon as they land the children arrive and all is well.  He has a good time entertaining the children and is glad there aren't any real pirates out there anymore.

    This is an easy reader for young readers with whimsical look back at the history of an old double decker bus.  I've ridden in one in Canada on the top deck.  You can see everywhere!  That makes lots of room for the children to play...

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