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    Harry is teaching a police course at college now.  He's married, has a stepson, and has quit drinking.  Then an unusual murder happens and the police chief asks him to come back and work on the case.  He won't be a cop but he wants to catch this murderer.  He reminds him of a case long ago.  He agrees.  It will cause him heartache.

    Knopf Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 9th.

    Harry caught and convicted the man who did this type of crime in the past.  He's still in jail.  So who is this new horror?

    The man (or men, or woman) attacks the women and bites them with steel teeth.  He also appears to drink some of the blood.  They want to call him a vampire but he's not.  He's definitely not normal, though.

    Mr. Nesbo always writes complex mysteries with all kinds of ugly human behavior.  This book is the same.  While Harry is driven by the case, his wife goes into a coma.  He can't imagine living without her but he also can't give up on the case.  His stepson gets very angry at him.  With no family to support him and not much police support, Harry is really on his own.  Harry on his own is dangerous.  And when folks around him start dying, he's getting in trouble, too.

    You find out who the killer is but you don't find out how it's all related until the end of the book.  The story keeps you on your toes.  Someday Harry is going to bite off more than he can chew but it hasn't happened yet.  

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