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    This graphic novel reminded me of the Wiley Coyote series.  The fox in this story has the same kind of luck.  No matter how hard he tries to get a chicken out of the barnyard for a meal, he ends up eating turnips instead.  You actually start to feel sorry for him even if you don't want him eating the chickens...

    First Second Books and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 20th.

    The wolf gets shot at every time he tries to get in so he trains the fox in how to growl, act aggressively and fight for what he wants.  The problem is that every time he does that, nobody cares.  The chickens still beat him up!  So the wolf comes up with another idea.  Let's steal some eggs and raise the chicks until they are big enough for a snack.  The fox manages that by leaving the hen with some small turnips.  Then he finds out he has to hatch the eggs by sitting on them and keeping them warm.  He's always screaming no, he won't do it.  And he always ends up doing it.

    Can you guess what happens next?  The chicks call him Mommy.  He tells them he's not, he's a big bad fox.  They think he's joking.  You won't believe what happens next.

    This is a very cute book with precious water color illustrations and I know you'll end up rooting for the fox before you're done.  He'll do anything to save his chicks!

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