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    Val made the mistake of falling in love with Shade.  She slept with him and lost not only her virginity but her powers.  Now all she has left is Lola, the part of her that is a Succubus.  She can control male vampires with that but not female.  She's called the Slayer and she's feared but she isn't what she was before...

    BelleBooks and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published today.

    Since Val works with both vampires and demons, the chances of her getting killed are good.  Especially since she's trying to create peace between not only them but humans, too.  She's also got two books which has spells she can use to help but Jack isn't teaching much and he's not teaching her fast.  He was the keeper of the books in the past and he hates to give them up.  Then there's the fact that everyone else wants them...

    In the battle over the spell books, Micah and Gwen get kidnapped and a mage demon demands the books.  As they try to find time to create a counter play, Shade ends up being taken as hostage by the female vampire leader.  Val just isn't having any luck.  How can she save everybody without someone ending up dead?  She can't...

    I don't normally read vampire or demon stories but Val and her antics really appeal to me.  She's only 18, doesn't know enough about the immortal enemies she's fighting to be successful but she never gives up.  She protects those she loves.  The ending in this book wasn't very satisfying so I hope I get to read the next in the series.  It may not be possible in the world of vampire and demons but I still like "happy ever after" endings.

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