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    Lily Long is back again.  She has a new assignment.  The only problem is that she has to partner with Cade and they don't like each other.  But an assignment is an assignment.  Posing as a married couple will be difficult but they will do it.

    Kensington Books and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    I enjoyed the first novel I read about Lily.  She's an interesting character.  After her husband left her and stole all her money she has no desire to have anything more to do with men.  But she's a pretty good actress and she'll act like she and Cade have a relationship.  

    He's not any happier about it than she is.  If he hadn't gotten drunk and in a bar fight, he'd be allowed to work alone.  But he's still on probation and Lily needs more training.  It's his burden to live with.  As if that's not enough, a young boy he befriended comes along on the trip following and he has to take care of him, too.

    What they are investigating is whether the wife of the household is really crazy or if she is just being put away to remove her from her money.  What they find is a hot bed of problems.  As they start talking to the servants and members of the family, they notice that the attorney is a sexual predator.  The doctor isn't really a doctor.  And most of the men aren't what they seem.

    It's a dangerous game being played in the name of greed and not everyone gets out alive.  This story was also a very good read and Cade and Lily are finding they enjoy working together.  Even the young boy helps with the case.  This isn't a conventional story and I like it!

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