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    Daria has a successful wedding gown business but she's going to expand to historical sewing.  Her first assignment is to create a civil war uniform jacket for the Colonel.  She has to use the right cloth and the right stitches to make it authentic.  She decides to visit the Civil War Museum in town to see the uniforms on display there.  She certainly didn't expect to be there during a robbery!

    Kensington/Lyrical Underground and Net Galley allowed me to read this ebook for review (thank you).  The book will be published May 16th.

    Daria's brother has just turned up after a seven year absence.  He admits part of the time he was in jail and that he'd had a drug problem for a while.  He swears he's clean but he still has hoods after him for the money he owes the drug lord.  Daria believes in her brother but wishes he hadn't brought his problems with him.

    She takes the Colonel his new jacket which he puts on and then tries to short her on payment.  She refuses to back down.  He still is short $20 in payment but she's willing to let that go.  The problem is that she forgot to pick up her tape measure.  When she goes back for that, she finds the Colonel dead on the floor, run through with a bayonet and Chris, another friend, holding the bayonet.  He says he found the Colonel like that and she believes him but the cops don't.

    As if all this wasn't enough, she now has two men dating her and she's not sure about either one of them.  Too bad she jumped the wrong way...

    This cozy is busy with personal drama, murders and theft, and action.  Somehow it all gets straightened out by the end of story.  I enjoyed this read. 

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