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    Alex has hired a young boy to be a bus boy for her pub.  He works hard, does what he's asked to do, and helps wherever he can.  He responsible and trustworthy.  When his younger brother busts through the kitchen door to tell Scoot he found a dead body, Alex listens carefully.  Kyle is only thirteen and she asks them where their father is.  He's a long haul driver is on the road.  Come to find out, the boys are on their own a lot.  He's trying to earn enough money to send them to college.  But right now, he's gone and they need help...

    Severn House and Net Galley allowed me to read this ebook for review (thank you).  It will be published June 1st.

    This turns into a mix of more than one crime.  Murder is one, the other is illegal trafficking.  As Alex and Tony try to keep the boys safe and taken care of, they are also trying to figure out where the father is and why he is gone so much and who killed the woman.  There are no easy answers.  Then someone kidnaps the younger boy while he's at work at Tony's veterinarian shop!

    It seems there one more crime that was shoved under the rug in the past.  When another young boy turns up dead, they're afraid it was Kyle but it wasn't.  Who killed this young one and why?

    The ending on this story is abrupt and alarming.  There's no closure after the shocking ending and I'm not sure I liked that.  It did get my attention, though.  Tell me what you think about it...

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