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    Did you ever have a teacher who brought out the best in you?  I've had several but the one I remember most was my first grade teacher.  She sent me a graduation card and complimented me for being an honor student.  She told me that she could tell when I was in her class I would go far.  I couldn't believe she'd even noticed me!  In this story, it's the student that notices the teacher...

    Provato Marketing send me a galley of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published.

    The story is written from a child's point of view and mentions how she used to tug on the teacher's shirt and whisper in her ear.  Time has passed and now she's writing her a letter.  This is a tribute to her best second grade teacher and it's sweet.  The little girl shows how trying she could be and how the teacher always saw the positive side of it.  The graphics are done by Nancy Carpenter.  They have a secret depth to them.  Do you see the scissors poking out of her backpack?   

    This would be an excellent gift for Teacher Appreciation Day or a goodbye gift when moving up to another grade.  Share the positive wherever you can.  There's too much negative in the world today.  Keep your head up, a smile on your face, and learn as you go along.  Maybe you should write a thank you letter to your teacher, too.

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