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    Kelly is still acting as an interim manager.  Her boss is gone, she should be getting promoted, but nothing is happening.  When something does, it's almost bigger than she can handle!

    Curiosity Quills Press and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It's being published May 2nd.

    This series is so much fun to read.  The stories are outrageous, monsters abound, demons are bound to the building, and everyone has their own agenda.  It's like trying to hold an uncensored war zone together with toothpicks!

    She's being audited by a nasty woman, has an angel of destruction for her boyfriend, and has a mess of trouble.  She has a Zombie invasion, is building a Death Worm lap pool, and the board members are planning to escape their bondage.

    The story is busy and exciting.  I liked the part where, during the Death Worm show, the judge demanded to check their genitals.  He couldn't find them in the hair so went to get clippers.  The Death Worm took exception to that and ate him.  (Haven't you had a doctor you'd like to do that to?)

    With mayhem everywhere and her boyfriend off trying to get back his $5,000 he spent on a mantra that didn't work, everything is helter skelter.  The boyfriend has his own set of troubles...

    Despite all this chaos, things turn out well.  Of course, it will take a bit to get the building back together but that's how it goes when you have a demon opening at the base.  I enjoyed reading these, laughing here and there, and it has a smashing ending.  If you haven't read it yet, you have a treat to look forward to.

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