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    In the present day and age, everything depends on electricity.  There's the internet, smart phones, smart houses, transportation and more that uses electricity as an essential element of operation.  What happens when there isn't any?

    Sourcebooks Landmark sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published June 6th.

    The story is set in Europe.  Piero is an Italian who used to be a hacker and activist.  He's on the road heading home when suddenly all the traffic lights go out.  So do all the other lights in the area.  Traffic crashes, injuries abound, and he's lucky to get out with just a small head injury.  This is just the beginning.

    Today's world is not ready to walk where they are going or to live without heat, water, or food.  It doesn't take long for the status quo to topple.

    Meanwhile, everyone in the electrical business is trying hard to find the flaw.  It's the former hacker that comes up a reason but everyone ignores him.  There was almost too much technical talk in the story for me.  I'm more interested in people.  However, the author kept me reading and wondering how it would all turn out. 

    It's tense, suspenseful and dangerous.  The team that disabled the electrical systems manages to make it look like Piero is talking to Russia.  That causes him some difficulties.  He finds a love interest in his travels.  And he almost dies before the story ends.

    If you read this, you probably won't sleep well at night for a day or two.

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