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    The royal bastards were children born from mothers that weren't royalty.  They were allowed to join the family in the dining room but had their own table in the back.  Tilla aches for the time when she and her father did many things together but he married and has a new family now.  Still, she's loyal to him.  So she's totally shocked when she watches kill another royal...

    Disney-Hyperion and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 6th.

    Tilla and her brother along with a couple more boys and a princess find themselves condemned to death for witnessing the killing.  They run...

    The way isn't easy, those who lived in castles have to adjust to living in the wild, they aren't sure where they should run and, in time, they aren't sure who they are loyal to.  After all, Tilla wanted to be acknowledged and important in her kingdom but she's not sure about her father's actions and plans for the future.  She feels he's betraying trusts.

    She's also learning about a culture she didn't know much about before.  The warrior bastard with them is a killer but he also has emotions and cares, even if he's not supposed to.  That how he was declared a bastard.

    By the end, Tilla has found her love, lost her brother, been betrayed and life has changed forever for her.  She and her friends that remain are a tight unit that will handle anything life throws at them.

    I loved this story.  It really grabbed me by the heart and took me on a journey to another world.  The romance is sweet and adds to the story overall.  Even if they are on a new path, I can see them going far in the world.

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