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    This is an unusual book.  Madeline is a writer and has an idea for a book that is different from what she's written before.  She chooses a male character, adds in a love interest, and populates the book with people from her past and present.  It's a murder mystery.  It's also like the story is alive.

    Poisoned Pen Press sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published in August.

    It doesn't take long before you realize she would rather live in the story from her book and spend time with her male character than do other things and pay attention to her husband.  She begins to wonder about the times her husband comes home late.  Is he really working at the hospital?  And then something else happens that makes her even more upset...

    While all this is going on her life, Edward has been accused of murder in her book.  She's trying to help him prove his innocence.  Soon her book character becomes more real to her than real life.  They almost have symbiosis. They have become a unit without meaning to.

    It's an interesting psychological story that gives hints of reality in the make believe world.  Personally, I'd leave Hugh behind and go for Edward too.  I found the ending to be a bit of a let down.  Neither of the characters I liked came out well.  The only good news is that she still has Edward in her mind and in her heart.  This one will make you wonder.

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