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    Eddie's aunt taught him to read and he loves it.  She regularly visits the library in the school they live in but she's been gone several nights now.  His father can't go after her, his mother has lots of children to watch and feed, and only Eddie might be old enough to go check.  The problem his parents see is that he's a bit flighty and unfocused and might not find his way there or his way back.  So Eddie waits until they go to sleep, then he sneaks out on his mission.

    Greenwillow Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 20th.

    This is delightful bug tale with small bugs and big people.  They call all the students and teachers Squishers because that's what happens if they see them.  So he has to hide, even at night.  Can't have the caretaker see him!  When he finds his aunt, she's injured her two back legs and can't walk well yet.  He has to find her food and water.  But he soon has an even more important goal.  The new librarian intends to close the library down.  He has to save the library!

    I've always liked the Borrowers and the Littles (mini people) and it was easy to think of these bugs living just like they did.  Eddie has many challenges.  He has to evade the librarian, brave the mouse in the teachers lounge, and even learn how to write.  As he does this he gets the backing of the school kids and even creates the illusion of a ghost.  This story made me smile.  Let your imagination run free and travel along with Eddie on his big exploration and help save his aunt.

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