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    Mac is finally coming back to town.  When her fiance left her at the altar for another woman, she left town and moved away to make a fresh start somewhere else.  Now she's coming back for her best friend's wedding.  She's not sure how she feels about it.  They'll be marrying in the same church she was using.  She'll see the man she shared her sorrow with after being left at the altar.  And she might even run into the ex and his wife.  But she's going to face all that to be there for Emma.

    First to Read shared this ebook with me for review (thank you).  It will be published May 30th.

    Gavin still remembers the night he spent with Mac.  He's tried to move on but he's stuck on her.  She still has an interest in him but has been seeing someone else.  The fact that someone is else isn't anybody she wants to spend her life with doesn't matter.  At least she's not being a spinster.

    There's much to do about the wedding, Mac's friends are all a little bit nuts, and they party as much as they get ready for the wedding.  It gets even more complicated when Mac finds a puppy that needs rescue.  She does, Gavin is the local vet, and things start to get complicated between them.  She's trying to fight her feelings so she doesn't ruin Emma's wedding.  He's trying to behave, too, but it's not working well.

    Not only that, her aunts have gone nuts.  They're buying a hot new car, playing loud music, planning a surfing trip, and more.  Mac just looks at them with wide eyes!

    Then some guy tells her the puppy she's adopted is his.  He has the paperwork to prove it.  So he takes the pup.  She finds it all alone in his back yard and tries to steal it back.  She ends up in jail.  The real nail in the coffin of her previous relationship is driven in when she finds out why the guy took her dog.

    The story ends well, the puppy is back with Mac and she's with the man she loves.  The dog was what drew me in to read the story but it was a good romance with lots of laughs in between.  I liked it.

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