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    The Blackwing 530

    Sometimes it's not just books that go out of print!

    Our friends at the Califronia Pencil company build a great pencil - the Blackwing.  It has a legnedary history as it was always a low production, top quality, wood cased pencil.  Steinbeck, Frank Lloyd Wright, Stephen Sondheim, and Chuck Jones were among the adherents.  The pencil has developed a loyal following and fan base, it's present incarnation has kept the excitement going.

    As part of building a unique pencil the company has started issueing certain pencils in a limited edition.   The Volume Series.

    We're glad to the only retailer around that still has some of those limited edition sets.  Each boxed set contains 12 pencils and the packaging is about as delightful as the pencil itself.

    The BLACKWING Volume 530 which is a celebration of the California Gold Rush.

    The company has been making efforts to celebrate history as well as writing with their pencils.   They even make donations to art and literacy based on sales.

    So this the Eureka! I've found it pencil.   Now not easy to find, unless you come to the right place -- like ours

    You can pick up a box or two at the shop in New Paltz, or call us to order over the phone (845-255-2635) or order directly from our webpage by 
    clicking here!

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