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    Clay works as the coroner's investigator.  He's seen all kinds of dead bodies but this one just doesn't feel right to him...

    Ballantine Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 1st.

    Clay thinks there may be more to the story than a simple fall down the stairs.  What he doesn't realize is that by digging into the case, he opens up old troubles.  This professor was tied up in a murder in the past and the case was closed but it was never really solved...

    They put a big black student in jail for the murder of the Asian girl.  The cops basically forced his confession.  He's out now but he didn't kill the professor.  Clay begins looking into the other players and finds the instructor that worked with the black student is dead too.  He also fell down the stairs.

    While investigating the deaths (were they murder?), Clay is also sleeping with the professor's daughter.  He doesn't do too badly at solving crimes, even if everyone else is bucking him, but he has no love life sense.  I expect he will get better with that as time goes on.  He does figure out what happened so many years ago.  And he's working on helping the disabled innocent man build his life again.  He's an interesting character and I'd read more in the series.

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