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    This is an anthology of stories about Montana.  Montana is an old state that was once populated by Indians, cowboys and miners.  Some of the stories showcase the history of the state but more simply show how those with less money work to get more.  The stories are all individual and unique.

    Akashic sent me a copy of this to read for review (thank you).  It will be published September 5th.

    The following authors are included:  Brand-new stories by: David Abrams, Caroline Patterson, Eric Heidle, Thomas McGuane, Janet Skeslien Charles, Sidner Larson, Yvonne Seng, James Grady, Jamie Ford, Carrie La Seur, Walter Kirn, Gwen Florio, Debra Magpie Earling, and Keir Graff.

    These are dark stories.  There are those that try to get rich quick, those that hide things to advance in their careers and those who just like to hurt people.  This series always makes me glad I don't live where the series is set.  It's fiction, I know, but I prefer lighter fare in my reading.

    My favorite story was Ace in the Hole by Eric Heidle.  It's about a man who put in jail for drug dealing.  He's out now and his dealer is after the money that was lost when the drugs went in the river.  Like he'd have money when he just got out of jail.  When the bad men come for him, he knows he's going to die but he manages to take them with him.  It's not a happy ending but it's about as good as it gets... 

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