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    If you listen hard, this sword will talk to you...

    Baen and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 5th.

    This is the story of sword who is almost alive.  It hungers for blood and war.  And those who use it as weapon always seem to be fighting a war of some kind.

    These people wrote the stories in this anthology are:  

    Zachary Hill
    Larry Correia
    Michael Massa
    John F. Holmes
    Rob Reed
    Dale Flowers
    Tom Kratman
    Leo Champion
    Peter Grant
    Christopher L. Smith
    Jason Cordova
    Tony Daniel
    Kacey Ezell
    Michael Z. Williamson

    The tale begins in ancient times in Asia.  The first story is about the wife of the ruler whose home is being invaded while the ruler is out of town.  She stands to fight with her warriors but when the enemy breaches the door and comes for her, she ends up alone before him.  She fights but he cuts her hand off.  She reaches behind her and comes up with an ancestor's weapon.  She wasn't supposed to touch but she calls on her ancestors and attacks him with it.  She wins...  This story is my favorite.

    The other tales are about the wars we've faced and future wars we may face.  They talk of other worlds and other monsters.  Almost all the warriors who carry the sword end up dead.  But not before they've created a whole lot of death themselves.

    The stories are savage and bloody but they kept my attention by continuing the story of the blade.  The sword has been changed through the years as it gets chipped or broken in the fighting.  By the end of the story it's almost indestructible.  Too bad you can't say that about the people wielding it... 

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