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    This is an anthology of short stories that focus on Halloween.  They are light horror and read up easily and fast.  Especially in the daytime.  I'd suggest reading them in the daytime...

    Hydra and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 3rd.

    Here's the list of stories:

    STRANGE CANDY by Robert McCammon

    Chocolate bars and sour suckers are trick-or-treat staples, but beware the odd sweet at the bottom of your bag. You never know who it’s from—or what it might do to you.

    THE RAGE OF ACHILLES by Kevin Lucia

    Father Ward should have heeded the warnings about hearing confession on All Hallow’s Eve. Because a man is about to tell him a secret more haunting than any he has heard before.

    DEMON AIR by John R. Little

    Fear of flying is not uncommon. But on this transpacific airline, the real danger isn’t the flight itself. It’s whoever—or whatever—is up in the air with you.


    Trick McGrew, former cowboy star of the silver screen, has never believed in tall tales. But down in Mexico, the land of La Llorona, he’s about to find out just how real urban legends can be.


    Some people will go to any lengths to rack up retweets, likes, and follows on social media, no matter who they end up hurting . . . or even killing

    My favorite story was:  LA HACIENDA DE LOS MUERTOS by Lisa Morton.  It has to do with a legend I've heard here in New Mexico about the wailing woman who is searching the river for her children.  This version has a different twist to the ending and I like it.

    They were all entertaining.  The last one was a bit weird but Halloween brings that out in people.  What do you do for Halloween?

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