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    Cici has an insatiable curiosity.  When something is a mystery to her, she goes after the answer.  This causes some problems with her Mom and her girlfriends.  It's all part of growing up...

    First Second Books and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 7th.

    The story itself is partly Cici's journal and the rest of it graphic novel.  It's an interesting combo.  Her handwriting is a bit hard to read and she doodles so the journal is entertaining.

    The first adventure she gets into is trying to follow an old man who has come through the woods.  He's carrying paint cans and has paint all over him.  When it comes right down to it, she's the one who is brave enough to go over the wall and see what's on the other side.  It's an old abandoned zoo.  But the animals have all been painted and they look alive...

    In the next story, an old woman keeps checking out the same library book.  Cici finally asks her why.  Her husband went to war and when he came home, he never spoke again.  She knows he loved her and it's his book that she checks out.  Suddenly, Cici realizes the numbers in his book match the Dewey Decimal Numbers used on the library books...

    The mysteries were good, Cici has to apologize to all the people in her life for taking them for granted and being less than honest with her Mom.  She gets a lot of praise for her good works.  And I'm sure she'll be snooping again.

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