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    This could have been a very depressing story.  Katelyn is forty, her children are getting ready to go to college, and she has the perfect home, family and life.  Then she gets papers served on her announcing her husband wants a divorce and she needs to vacate the house.  He's already arranged for his mother to move into an assisted living apartment.  Her whole life has gone down the tubes.  She's going to go home.  She hasn't visited her mother for a while.  But she doesn't expect the mother-in-law-from-Hell to go with her...

    Berkley sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

    Shirley thinks Katelyn should update her hair style and wear some makeup.  It's pretty much anything Katelyn likes, Shirley doesn't.  Shirley thinks she should make up with her husband.  After all he has lots of money and so he had an affair.  Maybe if she spiffed up her looks and lost a little weight she might appeal to him.  Katelyn has no desire to appeal to him.  She's done with him and that life.

    One thing Shirley doesn't understand is that Little Springs is a small town and the folks there protect their own.  With lots of sarcastic bantering between both moms and Katelyn, it's a bit uncomfortable at the beginning.  But as time goes on, things settle down.  That's good because her original love is back in town and he's just as luscious looking as he used to be.

    It gets more exciting.  Katelyn's boss at the grocery store wants to date her, she's attracted to Jackson but doesn't want to commit again, and her mother-in-law is dating the local reverend.

    The author does a good job of keeping you amused and reading and it all sorts itself out in the end.  I liked it. 

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