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    Evie manages her brother's museum.  She got caught in a scandal at home, her mother threw her out of the house, and her brother offered her sanctuary.  Now if her sister-in-law had been more pleasant, it might have worked out better.  But she did have a home and a job even if her sister-in-law was match-making to get her out of the house...

    Severn House and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 1st.

    When an old friend shows up at the museum asking for her help, she tells him she doesn't have time.  She doesn't want to go home and doesn't want to bring up the past.  She expects he'll be back later.  He is, but he's not talking anymore.  Someone has killed him.  The cop accuses the Lizardman.  He's not in his room, he's moved on, so he must be guilty.  She knows he's not and starts her own investigation.

    This is complex story with pieces of the past mixing with present events.  By accident, Evie uncovers a human trafficking venture.  She almost loses her life three different times.  The Lizardman dies.  More will die before justice is served.

    The ending is most intriguing because Evie has just found the man that caused her scandal and he tells her he still loves her...  What's next?

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