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    Frank is a well seasoned character.  He's been in the military, knows his way around the wilderness and has been an undercover cop in a biker's group, and now he's a cop.  He's going to encounter the strangest case ever in this story.  History comes back to bite him.

    ECW Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    When Frank gets a call about a cabin with a dead family in it, he gets ready to head out.  It's winter, there are no roads maintained in the area so he and the two cops with him will have to go in by snowmobile.  They do.  The snow slows down the progress of the case but they do have dead people in the cabin:  Husband, wife and child.  It's an ugly death, a shotgun was used.

    The area they are in used to be a logging camp.  A lot of Cree Indians lived and worked there.  But that had gone by the wayside and it was vacant now.  The lodge and the bar were still active though.  Not many visitors but some.  He wonders why they stay open but it doesn't take long to find out.

    After he interviews everyone in the lodge and they have seen the bodies up close and took pictures, it's time to check the other building that may be occupied.  It's an adventure group but when they approach the building, they get shot at!  Frank has a solution for that.  He gets his man posted where he wants him and sneaks to the back to send some flares in.  He has a suspicion of how the building is being used.  He's right.  His flares set the meth lab on fire and the boom can be heard all across the landscape.  That's just the beginning of the problem.

    This is a tense deadly tale with more bodies all the time.  It's a sad tale without a happy ending but justice is served.  Frank had already seen a lot of death.  Now he's seen a lot more.

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