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    Angie's boyfriend cheated on her and presented her ideas as his own instead of giving her credit.  She's hurt badly, so she quits her job and moves home.  She has the opportunity to open a bookstore and sell some pastries that should be more rewarding.  Besides she's working next door to friends from childhood.  She trusts them.  But should she?

    Freebooksy gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy today.

    When the landlord makes the rounds of the businesses on his property, he tells them he's raising the rent on the buildings.  It's not just a little bit either.  Everyone is shocked and concerned.  They're just making it as it is, now they'll have to work harder to hold onto the sites.

    A day or so later, they find the landlord in his study, dead.  There's a gun on the floor next to him but it seems the bullet angle tells them it's not suicide.  Who killed him?  Was it one of the renters?  Or maybe his son or his estranged wife?

    This is an interesting mystery with lots of details about the characters lives and even a new romantic interest for Angie.  It's not quite as straightforward as some mysteries.  There are more suspects from the past and no one is willing to talk about what happened then.  Angie keeps piecing the story together but then she begins to suspect her aunt may have killed him.  She doesn't deny it.

    The truth finally comes out and the ending gives hope for the future.  I enjoyed this read, it was a good cozy mystery.  Give it a try!

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