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    Charlotte Pitt’s grandmother Mariah Ellison helps solve a long unresolved murder that the murderer is trying to blame on her friend.  The doctor wants to marry and he wants his past behind him.  Mariah is not going to let him sweep it under the rug...

    Ballantine Books and Edelwiess gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 7th.

    It all starts when she gets a Christmas gift.  It's a big heavy Christmas pudding.  But when she tries to cut it, there's something baked in it.  It's the cannon ball that killed a man she cared about.  He was her friend's husband and he was a good friend of hers, too. She still mourns his loss.  Who sent this and why?  It was from his son, Peter, and he wants Mariah's help.  There's gossip going on about his mother and she's not strong enough to fight back.

    Mariah goes.  And she plans to stop the gossip and find out who really killed the fourteen year old girl so many years ago.  The husband was defending the doctor and then quit, the same day he died.  His bookcase and the cannonball fell on him at his desk.  Mariah doesn't think that was an accident.

    I really enjoyed this read.  I've been reading Anne Perry novels for years and she always make them interesting and feeds you clues in small bites.  I can see how Charlotte turned out as she did when her grandmother can still solve a case and get the people who wouldn't testify before to come forward.

    While this is set at Christmas time, the doctor gets more than a lump of coal...

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