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    This is a very unusual read.  Why would an assassin pick up an eight-year old and take her with him after a kill?  He doesn't even know why he did it...

    Skyhorse Publishing and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 7th.

    This is written with two voices.  His is a bit larger print, hers is a bit smaller.  These two voices talk about the difficulty of a man who has never even been married trying to raise a child.  He can't let her go to school.  The things he teaches her will never get her a regular job.  But she wants to please him and enjoys learning the skills.

    As she grows and learns she can also kill, the chemistry between them changes.  They move a lot, they change their appearance constantly, and they find out that the group that uses them for kills is trying to take over other cells.  Soon they are on the run from the killers.  But when they are killers, too, it's hard to hide.

    It comes to a breaking point and she walks over a fine line.  He leaves her.  But she's not through trying to find him.  The problem is that someone finds her first.  He's created a monster...

    This is full of psychological suspense.  Killers don't have a conscience and don't ask questions.  They also don't talk much.  But silence can say a lot, too.

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