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    Gretel is back and on another adventure.  She better be careful though.  They have to go into the deep dark forest they just barely escaped from in the past.  She doesn't want to find the witch is still alive!

    Pegasus Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 7th.

    I love this series.  Both Gretel and Hans are pigs.  They always get involved with another nursery rhyme character.  There's humor, silliness, danger, and Hans drinks too much.  I'm surprised they survive until the next adventure!

    Their case this time is a missing sorcerer.  All that was left of him in his locked shed was his appendix.  His wife thinks he's dead.  The insurance company won't pay without a body.  The wife hires Gretel to find him, dead or alive...

    The journey is dangerous, Gretel's heart is broken because her boyfriend is engaged to be married to someone else, and she's determined to solve this case so they have enough money to make it through winter comfortably.  However, she's not enthused about camping on their journey.  They have no choice...

    With attacks coming from all around on the journey, I wasn't sure they'd make it all the way back alive.  Only Gretel gets hurt and that's because Hans jumped on her and broke her leg.  Sometimes brothers are not that big of a help.

    The ending is great.  And I'm ready to go detecting with Gretel again in another story!

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