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    Megan is working on farming all year.  If she can sell fresh greens to the various restaurants, she'll be busy all year and have a steady income.  On her way home after leaving samples at the restaurants, she finds a car in the ditch.  The snow is deadly and started late, so she drives carefully looking for the driver.  Sure enough, she finds her.  And that's where her troubles begin...

    Henery Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 14th.

    The driver is a woman who was invited to visit her aunt and set up a shop in town.  When she gets her to her destination, there's a man on the porch chatting with Merry.  Her passenger bolts out of the rig and accosts him.  She tells him to leave, she wants nothing to do with him.  Megan watches until Merry waves her off.  She's not sure what happened but it didn't look good.

    It seems the man was the driver's father. She hates him and believes he killed her mother.  She's very vocal about it.  The death was ruled an accident.  No one knows enough about it to take one side or the other.  But someone kills the father and it appears they're going to have to figure out who.

    This is the story of a very dysfunctional family.  There are emotional wounds everywhere.  No one in the family line was safe, they all suffered the impact.  There was a previous marriage, and there was also a lover.  The father was not a nice man but someone else in the family isn't either...

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