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    This story is based on actual events.  It's an example of the best way to react to an impossible situation.  No mother wants to get a phone call telling her that her daughter is in the hospital and they aren't sure she's going to survive...

    The author shared a copy of her book with me for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy now.

    This is a heartrending tale of immense pain, slow improvement and the desperation of parents.  They've been divorced for years but they are there on each side of the bed holding her hands.  She gets better, then relapses, and trying to be positive can be very hard for everyone.  She was lucky enough to have a family that came closer together and helped give each other support.

    The cord in the tile could have been the one between mother and daughter but Ms. Brown is talking about her faith.  She would have fallen apart if she didn't know that God was watching over them.  Natural deaths in the family occurred during the hospital stay and that tore her heart even more.  She's a strong woman, her mother told her so.  And her daughter does recover.  She goes through rehabilitation and manages to get further than the doctors thought that she would.  But if she goes on an airplane, she'll set off the X-ray machines!  She's got metal in her body to hold her together.

    All in all, life goes on and the family has survived the crises.  While it's a sad journey, you can look at the pictures and you read about how the daughter has gone on despite her injuries and it gives you a feeling of hope.  Never give up!  And keep your stuffed toy close.

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