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    I've had relatives with dementia.  They managed to live at home with aid but I can understand why it's best to have them in a home that knows how to deal with that issue.  That's what spoke to me about this book and I loved it!

    Plough Publishing sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can buy a copy now.

    Max dearly loves his grandfather and cherishes all the times they've spent together.  Now that he's in a home, it's not the same.  But he wants to give his grandfather another good memory before his mind is all gone.  He plans it all out and even manages to pull it off.

    He sneaks out of the facility with his grandfather right behind him.  There's lady teacher following along, too.  He takes them by bus to a meadow that lovely green grass, birds and animals, and was private.  They shared a picnic lunch, had some juice and enjoyed the freedom.  Once his grandfather got a bit confused but Max got him back on track.

    When the police and his mother show up he knows their trip is over but he doesn't regret it.  I hope his mother learns from this example and takes her father on a few daytrips while he still can.

    There is an CD audiobook with music included so after you've read the book, you can listen to the words and hear the musical choices.

    This is a lovely book combination and it covers a difficult subject.  Maybe no one in your family will be afflicted with it but letting young ones know what is and how they act will probably help them through life.

    After I was done reading it, all I wanted to do was hug Max.

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