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    Kailyn enjoys her magic shop.  She only practices white magic and she deals with a lot of herbs and oils.  Those who believe get more magic than one who don't but her products work for everybody.  Right now she's working on teleporting things.  But when she goes to a public meeting on the new hotel coming to town, she finds that there's been murder done...

    Kensington Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 7th.

    Her aunt and another lady discover the body and she is in shock.  Kailyn is right there to take care of her and she ends up in the middle of this mystery. The woman was a board member.  Was she killed because of how she would vote? 

    There's no end of suspects.  There's the developer himself, his administrator in town, the board president, her husband she's divorcing, and even the janitor on the list.  It seems Kailyn gevelops more questions as she goes.

    Then the vote passes and they begin draining the swamp.  Another body is found...

    There's bits of humor with Kailyn's six cats and Merlin hanging around wanting to do spells.  The mystery has substance and Kailyn and her boyfriend wander way too close to death.  It's a good thing there's a bit of magic in the family.  It comes in handy here and there.

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