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    Yeah, I know its a little off topic. Just consider this a message from our sponsor.
    Last week I read in the venerable Newtown Bee that more than 7000 teddy bears had been sent to Newtown, Connecticut, site of Decembers horrific school shootings.
    I thought that was a sweet gesture.
    Then I got to thinking of those caring individuals who wished so strongly to comfort the grieving Newtown parents. It must have taken quite a bit of energy and planning to go out and buy a toy, and wrap it, and figure out where to send it, and schlep it down to the post office, and actually mail it.
    But how many of those people expended the energy certainly less than required to mail a teddy bear to Connecticut to write their representatives in Congress about the ease with which almost anyone can obtain a gun? As matters now stand the manufacture of childrens toys is more stringently regulated than guns.
    I hope every one of them wrote that letter, but somehow I doubt it. And maybe thats a part of the problem were having with this gun murder nightmare.
    So heres what I did this week.
    Dear Senator Warren:
    I believe in our Constitution, and I believe that  if people think they need a gun to keep themselves or their families safe, or if they enjoy hunting, they should not be deprived of this privilege.
    However, the Second Amendment, written in the era of muzzle loading muskets, capable of firing one round per minute, says nothing about the rights of citizens to enhance their firearms with 40 round magazines, to own arsenals of weapons, or to purchase these as often as they wish, or without background checks at gun shows.
    I hope that you will do your utmost to legislate moderation and sanity as far as guns are concerned. Limit  magazine size, close gun show loopholes, and enforce universal background checks. I have given you my vote. I am counting on yours.
    Greg Gibson

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