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    He's not a nice man.  He took over the Christmas Village, changed it to his name, let the staff go, and is not honoring the contract signed for Christmas ornaments that Amy has.  No one in town likes him.  But when he's found hanging in the attic, Amy is sure it's not suicide...

    Kensington Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 14th.

    Amy knows her girlfriend didn't kill him.  She's not sure who did though.  He had too many enemies to randomly pick one out.  Then she finds out the person whom the property had been willed to had also hung herself, she begins to think this was a long-term plan.  After all, the lady had arthritis so badly she couldn't have hung herself.

    She and the Police Chief are clashing again.  He wants to mark them suicide and go on but he can't.  He resents her sticking her nose in it.  She keeps nosing...

    The only sour note for me was a fight between Amy and her boyfriend.  Amy should have been more reasonable.  I'm sure things will get straightened out in the next book but they had a sweet romance and I didn't want any bumps in the road.

    When Santa almost kills Amy, she knows she's too close to the truth...

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