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    For now, Maria and Rod are going their separate ways.  He cares for her but he's not sure about her visions.  She is still reliving the undercover mission she was involved with in Tehran in her nightmares.  She's a complex creature.  Her problem is she still loves him...

    The author shared a copy of her book with me for review (thank you).  It has been published now and you can grab a copy on Amazon.

    Maria is part Indian and sees people from the past and helps them move on.  She can sometimes communicate with them which is something most people don't do.  She also looks like she's talking to herself when she does it.

    She's the police chief in her small hometown now and she has a very good friend who has three children.  They go down to wade and search for tadpoles in the small local river and run into a drunk couple.  They're just wearing underclothes, are high, and the man makes inappropriate comments to Maria.  Suddenly he has a knife up to the throat of the oldest boy.  Luckily help arrives in time.  He goes to jail but escapes.  

    When Justin is kidnapped, she thinks it might be escapee who took him but she doesn't know for sure.  Finding a note that is a riddle and gives her a time limit on solving it to get Justin back makes things even worse.

    What I found interesting is that the riddle is tied to a treasure that is supposedly buried in a hiding place and the riddle will help you find it.  People are still trying to find that treasure.  It seems each year another person dies while hunting for it.  In this story, they want Maria to find it.  All she wants is to get Justin back.

    The story is well paced, the author's words flow well, and the suspense will keep you reading.  This was a good read. 

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