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    This is a wonderful tale about dragons that was intriguing and entertaining.  Dragons are bred and raised by humans and they are smaller in size so they can be tamed to be a pet or they can defend you against danger.  It's when he agrees to act as a courier and bring an egg to a buyer that he finds himself in the middle of trouble...

    The author sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can buy a copy on Amazon.

    What happens is that hired killers come after the seller.  He's got the goods, so they are after him, too.  They beat him and leave with what they think was the egg.  He grabs the whiskey bottle and sneaks away from them.  When he calls the buyer to tell him about, the buyer is on the run, too.

    Things continue to go wrong.  He meets a woman he could love but she has a boyfriend.  He hatches the new dragon and it grows larger than any others he has.  Then the dragon gets stolen...

    There are chapters on the types of dragons he's raising and it tells you their characteristics and what they eat (it's fruit, not people).

    He's created the ultimate fantasy dragon world and I really enjoyed the story.  I liked it well enough I have just ordered my own copy for my library.  With all the books I read, that's kudos to the author for a book well done that I would read again.

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