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    When you're single, parents have expectations.  Christmas time is coming up and when two women are introduced to each other they begin chatting about how difficult time with parents can be.  Robyn likes creative men.  They may not amount to much but she loves their randomness and how they don't worry about the future.  Sidney is a lawyer in her father's firm and while she's dating a lawyer, she doesn't want to talk law all of the Christmas holiday.  After a few drinks, they decide to switch boyfriends for the holiday and quiet the parents down.  They can always say it didn't work out later.  What could go wrong?

    Henery Press and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    This a light read about women messing with the wrong thing.  When the parents accept both substitute men as suitable mates, both women are despairing.  There's lots of humor used during the home visits.  I can't imagine trying to pass someone off as my boyfriend if he's not.  The worst part?  The man Robyn gets is the one she had a terrible crush on in school.

    As you can guess, this doesn't work out well.  But the author does her magic and suddenly the women have some serious thoughts about their lives and what they really want.  I really liked the ending.  This is the perfect book to read right before Christmas.

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