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    W. B. Baron tells his class about his summer adventure when his teacher calls on him.   She tells him his story is fantasy and puts him in the corner in his dunce hat.  As he sits there, he tells the mouse who lives there the whole story.  Once you read this book, you'll understand why his teacher thought he was lying...

    Amberjack Publishing and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It's being published tomorrow.

    This is a perfect read for middle graders.  There are silly inventions that make things big or shrink them small, there's killer monkeys, there's an airplane and submarine, and there's a treasure to be recovered.

    The Barons are told that the Vice President needs this treasure to save the country.  They undergo great adventures, near death, and hazardous inventions to get the treasure.  Then they find out the Vice President is a fake and they are to be killed.  The good news is that the mistake they made with their make it big invention shows up at the right time.

    There's plenty for your imagination to chew on here and you might encourage your child to write their own story and create their own adventure.  Maybe they'll come up with an even more outrageous story!

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