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    This story was set in Santa Fe.  I live in New Mexico, have visited Santa Fe and I know about their Old World charm.  I had to read this book.

    Alibi and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published December 5th.

    Irene used to be an assistant district attorney in New York, but her mother has asked her to come home.  She's fearful of dying alone.  Irene's mother frustrates her but she understands her need for company.  She comes and she sets up a high end second hand store for recycled designer duds.  It's a successful business.  She hires a young man who charms the women who come in the store and is a great salesman.  

    Juanita sits on the Plaza and sells her jewelry.  It's all made in the Indian way and is lovely to see.  She's friends with Irene.  Her son is missing and she's trying to find him.  She knows he needs her.  Then the cops charge him with murder and she gets even more desperate to save him.

    You have drug trafficking, antique jewelry being stolen and sold in France at auctions, Indian versus American ideas of right and wrong, and Irene is in the middle.  She's conflicted because she knows she has to report some of what she's heard but she doesn't want to make things worse.  And her boyfriend is another attorney and he's representing the other side.  Then she finds out her mother was dating one of the killers.

    You learn about the beautiful Indian jewelry, the different tribes, and how fragile life is when you live on the fringe.  You certainly won't be bored!

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