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    This based on historical facts but it's fiction.  Despite that, this story makes a chill run up and down my spine.  Imagine being on a small island and the Germans come in to occupy the land...

    Lake Union Publishing and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    When Libby's best friend turns on her after her mother's death, she can't figure out why.  Stella tells her to ask her father.  She feels her family was betrayed by Libby's family.  She finally gets an opportunity to ask and he shares her great aunt's diary with her.  He says she'll get the facts by reading the story. 

    This is Christmas and there's a lot to do, she doesn't have much time for reading.  She's got mini crises with her children and is overwhelmed with what must be done for the holiday.  She finally reaches the end of her rope and tells her family what she thinks about them.  She's overridden with guilt but feels better for getting it out in the open.

    When she finishes the diary she finds she knows more but she still doesn't know part of the story.  When she asks her father, he shows her another letter which ends the mystery.  Now if she can only get Stella to listen to her...

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