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    Honey is looking for a way to earn money.  She decides try dog walking.  She gets her girlfriend who is neighbor of hers to go into business with her.  But it's harder than it looks...

    Rabbit Publishing and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published.

    I love dogs so I had to read this one.  The first dog they get under contract is a St. Bernard.  They are young girls and this dog is bigger than both of them.  When they go to the door to talk to the owner, they almost run away because the dog is taller than they are!  But he's fairly well mannered and after a test walk, they agree to take him on.

    Their next challenge is a group of three Corgis.  Trying to hang onto all three and not get caught up in leashes or tripped is challenge!

    Then Titus' sister decides to copy their business.  She's got more customers and she lords it over them.  The fun part is that she often ends up on her face or her bottom because the dogs are stronger than she is.  It's when they both end up on the same street and the dogs decide to play in a mud puddle, they decide they might be friends.

    There's a side story about a foster girl looking for a permanent home and working at the animal shelter that's sweet and ends well.

    My favorite part is the name of their business:  Sleepy Hollow Howlers.  This was a great read.

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