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    Faith is gathering historical information for a scrapbook that will be displayed in the historical museum.  When she has an opportunity to visit a long abandoned home that had belonged to the first family in town, she's happy.  She's sure she can find some cool things for her scrapbook.  It's what the work crew finds that creates the most excitement, though.  They've dug up a dead body...

    Henery Press and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 28th.

    Everything about this family is a secret.  They left town suddenly.  No one remembers much and no one volunteers anything.  But a dead man means someone has to answer.  

    Her fiance is the local cop and he wants her to stay out of the case.  She's still on the hunt for local history.  She certainly doesn't expect to find what she does.  Secret diaries, illegitimate children, more deaths, and secrets buried for years don't make your life easier.  Especially when some of the people involved are crazy.

    There's plenty of action, a messed up mystery, and surprises all around by the time the case has been closed.  At least it looks like Faith and Ted are finally going to get to the altar.  The next book should be even more fun.

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