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    She has an usual power.  She can hide in shadows, weave them into something solid and even has a relationship with her own shadow.  It's her best friend.  After all, her parents are afraid of her...

    Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 1st.

    Emmeline has been hidden in the house away from the eyes of the neighbors.  She's not taken to any functions and they limit their visitors.  But she gets bored, so she sneaks out to play with shadows and then she gets in trouble.  When more visitors are announced, she's told she must be on her best behavior.  It's hard to be good when you're favorite thing to do is eavesdrop.  What she doesn't expect is that they will bring a young ghost girl with them.  She finds her...

    The worst thing ever happens, she's being sent away by her parents to another kingdom where they will "cure" her.  She doesn't want to be cured, so she runs.

    Nothing is as it seems in this story.  There's a Queen who seeks the magic the children have and she "eats" it, leaving them with nothing.  She then plants them in her garden.  The family she runs into after leaving home is kind and willing to share what they have.  But the guard comes after her and soon everyone is on the run.

    This read is full of fright.  Anyone with a magical power is sought for the Queen.  Hiding is very hard to do even if you hide your magic.  Here's a suspenseful look at the world of magic and the greed of a magic eater.  Not even her shadow can be trusted...

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