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    When he and his partner ride in to save a rancher and his family, he ends up being accused of their murders and the theft of their animals.  They are going to be hung.  Only when the bar owner's girlfriend intercedes do things change.  They are thrown out of town instead.  But Cal isn't whipped.  He's going to come back and get rid of Whittaker.  He just has to figure out how first.

    Pioneering Press and Instant Freebies let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

    This was an unusual western because he decides to change his facial appearance and his voice to fool the saloon owner who is running the town.  Plastic surgery wasn't common then.  He asks an Indian Chief he knows and since he has gold, the chief says he'll do it.  He doesn't know that the gold was the Indian's to start with.  

    While he and his partner were crossing the desert, his partner disappeared.  He fell into a vault on his horse.  The vault was an old Indian burial site and they had gold idols there.  He got the gold from there but he didn't mention that.

    When he leaves the Indian camp and then raiders show up and kill most of his tribe, the chief decides he double-crossed.  Now he wants the man dead.

    In the meantime, he's trying to beat the saloon owner at his same game.  At the base of their troubles is the woman.  She says she cares for Cal but she's still with Whittaker.  Does she really?

    This is not a kind story but things weren't very kind in the old west.  It takes a bit to get resolved but it does.  Justice comes to pass.

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