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    She left New York to get away from the stares and the shame of being married to man who conned people out of their money.  They even had her in court trying to prove she was an accomplice.  She didn't know a thing about it.  Neither did she know he was having affairs the whole time he was married to her.  She's going to run a diner that serves breakfast all day and get her feet back on the ground.  That sounds good, she has a great friend for support, and the grand opening does well.  Then she finds a body in her dumpster.  She thinks it might have been the homeless man she met but it turns out to be her ex-husband...

    Lyrical Underground and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 23rd.

    Gia is a suspect, of course.  She had no idea he was in town but he ate at her restaurant.  She's not lying but they don't know that.

    She's trying to track down the killer and not having much luck.  Then a woman comes in and threatens her.  She tells Gia she's got important information that she wants.  Again, Gia is clueless. This is lot like the games a cat and mouse play.  Unfortunately, Gia is the mouse in this instance.

    The killer is much closer than she thinks and she's in danger.  There's a dramatic finale.  Gia finds herself thinking she might have found a new home and a new potential love, too.  I like these kind of endings.

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