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    Stevie is intrigued by crime and wants to join the FBI.  When she applies to a school that takes gifted students and is free, she's happy to be selected.  Her parents aren't as enthused but free is free.  No one anticipates any trouble...

    HarperCollins and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 16th.

    Stevie has a hard time trying to mix with the members of her class.  She's not a people person.  Sometimes those more gifted spend more time in their head than in the present.  It makes them harder to deal with.  It's a very interesting cast of characters.

    Since she's constantly snoopy, Stevie observes everyone:  How they act, what they do, who pairs up, and more.  When one of the students is murdered, she turns that up and begins looking over student rooms.  She is finding info about the previous murders from the past as clues for the present.  She knows they are living with a killer, but how to prove it?

    Answers are elusive, not all questions get answered honestly, and it gets more dangerous as time goes by.  When it looks like pieces might start coming together, the author chooses to end the story with a cliff hanger.  I hate cliff hangers.

    This was an interesting read with plenty going on everywhere.  It's full of surprises and connections you don't see coming.  You'll have to read the next book to figure out just how to undo this cobweb of facts and untruths...

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