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    This story has the flavor of books written in the 1950's.  It's charm is the family at its center.  Everybody knows children get in trouble, even when they're not trying to.  This is an odd little adventure filled with unique children.

    The author sent me a copy of this book for Christmas.  It's being published in January so you'll be able to grab a copy then.

    The girls want to go dig in the backyard.  They're allowed to.  When dad checks out their progress, they've got a pretty good chunk of ground dug up.  They even locate some bones.  He thinks it might be animals but when the jaw has fillings in its teeth, he knows better.

    The house was vacant for years before they bought it.  The lady living there died and is buried in the cemetery.  How long was this body buried and who was it? The sheriff searches for the answers.

    Dad is as unconventional as the kids.  He encourages odd approaches to life.  He also dearly loves his family and his lady wife.  He would prefer peace and quiet but a dead body in the backyard doesn't make for quiet. The death is buried in time but he and the sheriff keep digging.

    This family is great.  I can tell they're going places.  I'd read more about them.  Why don't you?

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