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    Daisy works in spiritualism even if she doesn't believe in it.  She can earn more at doing that than any other job open to women and her customers love her.  Her husband went to war and come home more dead than alive.  Besides bullets, he got tangled in mustard gas.  She's determined to hate the Germans but Billy tries to convince her that they are people just like them.  It's the leaders that are bad.  She's not buying that.

    Instafreebie and the author allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can buy a copy now.

    When a good friend of hers asks her to teach a cooking class at the local Salvation Army, she tries to laugh it off.  She's no cook!  But he's bought her a simple cookbook and encourages her to do it.  His wife is even willing to help.  It's a very good thing Aunt Vi lives with them.  She knows how cook!  So she and Aunt Vi practice together before her teaching sessions and she does OK.  What she doesn't know is that there are some sponsored immigrants in the students that might not be what they say they are.

    One positive outcome in this story is that Daisy learns Billy was right, not all Germans are bad.  And she certainly never expected to meet bank robbers in a class that the Salvation Army was sponsoring.

    With Billy thinking about suicide, a new friendship blossoming between her and a German lady and danger from the bank robbers, Daisy is real busy in this book.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet her.  

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